Stone pine sleeping plate with flower of life

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Stone pine sleeping plate with flower of life - diameter 6 cm

.... stands for TREATMENT, wonderful SPACE CLIMATE, DEEP BED

It can be radiesthetically tested
• Shield geopathogenic radiation
• hand in their natural information and life energy (about 8,000 BE) into the room
• act as an enhancer to all Qi-Quant products, especially the QI-QUANT regeneration plate
• brings all scientifically researched positive properties of pine wood into the indoor climate

Each ZIRBEN-REG-POWER plate is handmade, which can lead to delivery delays.

All work steps are monitored radiesthetically:
◦Corn wood from Austria, beaten according to the moon phases
◦Tested life energy: 7,800 - 8,100 BE (Bovis units)
◦ Equipped with flow-sensitive special bore, which increase the ion flow
◦With special holders for the QI-QUANT REGENERATION PLATE
◦If you place the ZIRBEN-REG-POWER plate under the QI-QUANT REGENERATION PLATE, the natural Zirben information merges with the well-being information from quantum physics.

BETTER can`t do it!

Size approx. 49 x 42.3 cm, weight approx. 2.4 kg, thickness approx. 38 mm

  • Model: ZB201

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