Stone Pine Ionic Plate, Size M

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One would not want to believe it, the stone pine. You do not even believe what's in it!


After intensives of radiesthetic work and several test phases & development steps with regard to the energy status, number of ions, construction method and drilling of the pine protection panel it is now clear:

Stone Pine Ionic Plate, M

• Protects against geopathogenic radiation (water vein, rock fracture, earth fault, etc.)
• It exhales "negatively polarized" air ions (- these are the healthy ones ...)
• There is concentrated vitality in her, which she gives to her surroundings
• It develops the typical scented fragrance! scented fragrance oil is applied to the plate to strengthen the Swiss stone pine scent.
• With a (test) room size of 30 m2, this Swiss stone pine protection panel developed a clearly perceptible feel-good climate in a short time.

You sleep bad? Just place this Pine Ionic Plate, M indoor your sleeping room and enjoy the calming effect.

Each pine wood protection power panel is unique and is radiesthetically tested. Only then can it be delivered. For this reason, it can also lead to delivery delays.

Size about: Ca. 33 x 37 cm, handmade
Delivery: Swiss pine Ionic plate M without QI-Quant Cosmic Ionic, this can be requested here.



  • Model: ZB100

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