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Dalai Lama, Renaissance - DVD

From 27 March 2009 on DVD!

How do we find a way out of the global crisis? Can we solve problems of mankind?
These are just today highly topical issues, for the Dalai Lama in documentary RENAISSANCE forty visionary thinkers, scientists, sociologists, consultants, under the guidance of the Dalai Lama for new solutions that do not correspond to the usual logic.
You fail at the first barrier in their minds, to the personal boundaries, until they realize that, for example, the Tibet issue a proxy for so many problems.

"Many break their heads about it is how humanity might change, but no one thinks it to be self-change." Leo Tolstoy

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The unveiling of the "inner Tibet". Dalai Lama Renaissance accompany a documentary on their territory forty leading experts to a workshop with the special nature of the Dalai Lama.
The journey begins in India with the coming together of committed Buddhists, Catholics, philosophers and physicists, the rapprochement between quantum physics and reality show wollen.Das ultimate goal of all is to develop a methodology to bring about social change and a new way in the world order. The workshop derived from the insights and brilliant ideas to the 14th Dalai Lama presented.
What unfolded here, however, is beyond all expectations. Already on the first day of the workshop on conflicts occur. This very well-educated group, and loses himself in impulsive discussions on the implementation of the revolts and meeting each other. What a harmonious interplay of diverse intelligences would be leading to a loud battle of the egos.
In the midst of the chaos take the Dalai Lama, who as nothing more than a "simple monk" refers to the word. And what he says and what he says sounds like crystal clear bell strokes, all interrelated conflicting mental confusion and shattered the attention back on the human level brings. Then begins the transformation of the participants. Whatever their inner shaded lights, falls away. Compassion. Joy. Happiness spreads instead, and now opens up a space around the common goal to reach.
Dalai Lama Renaissance is a beautiful and fresh perspective on the Dalai Lama as well as to us in the world, take care.

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